Wedding Thank You Gifts

WEDDINGS Saturday, 31 July, 2021

Wedding Thank You Gifts

Some couples are unsure of protocol when it comes to buying “thank you” gifts for the wedding party. Below will give you some indication of what normally happens, but each day is unique and as individual as the guests themselves that attend. Wedding day gifts can be scaled back or go as big as you want; it’s your day and your rules.

Wedding Gifts For The Wedding Party

Traditionally the bride and groom buy gifts for the:

  • Maid of Honour
    The Best Man
    Mother of the Bride
    Father of the Bride

The reason behind these particular guests/family members being prioritised for “thank you” gifts is due to the amount of personal effort, or possibly financial generosity that these parties would put into the arranging of your special day. If that is the case, you may find “thank you” gifts are appropriate or even a must!

Should you be working with a smaller budget for your wedding, it would be an idea that you keep to these five to help you keep down cost and the gifts you provide do not need to be elaborate, just something personal and individual so show some thought, more than the expense, has been given. However, if you have a larger budget, or would rather spend a little on everyone to say thank you, then the below wedding party members can also be included in the gift-giving, but ultimately, it is also down to personal choice and there isn’t any set rule these days.

Additional Wedding Party Gifts

Over time wedding party members for the bride and groom gifts has increased. In addition to the above traditional guests, couples have also started to buy for the:

  • Ushers
    Flower Girls
    Matron of Honour
    Mother of the Groom
    Father of the Groom

Slowly over time, buying gifts for guests and family members have been changing the usual traditions due to who you have in your wedding party. For instance, a few decades ago it was traditional in the UK for the groom to only have a best man but no official groomsmen, these days several groomsmen can be and are included!

And as for bridesmaids! Anything goes, from 1 -10! It is your day, and it is a personal choice, so do what is affordable and feels right for you.