Monastery Tours

Private Taxi Tours of Famous Monasteries In Cyprus

In Cyprus there are many Churches in each town and villages; however, there are also many monasteries which can be dated thousands of years ago.

Discover the many monasteries of the island, and immerse yourself in their journey of faith, history, and culture. Through their unique structures; the biblical stories depicted in ancient icons and frescos; the rich Ecclesiastical museums, and a Byzantine treasure trove of 10 painted mountain churches so religiously priceless that they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visiting such places of history and devotion, you cannot help but feel an inner tranquillity and peace, as well as a sense of occasion.

We can organise a private taxi or mini-bus tour of any number of these beautiful monasteries. The Guide is very knowledgeable and will plan a wonderful and interesting tour for you and your group.

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