Group tennis lessons for children and adults of all levels

Group tennis training is designed for 2 to 4 clients in one group. Groups are formed according to the age and level of the players.Focus is given to teaching and improving tennis techniques as well as hitting performance. The training lasts 60 minutes.

Individual tennis lessons for children and adults of all levels

Individual training for children and adults are constructed with the accent on the proper tennis technique and with the maximal dedication to the player. The training lasts 60 minutes and it is prepared according to the already existing programs for all levels from the beginner’s to the advanced level of the player.

High-performance tennis coaching programme

High-performance tennis coaching programme is developed for competitive players 16 years of age and above. Before the coaching starts, the player has to be analysed and to determine his/her goals, after the analysis, an individual programme is prepared for the player. The programme consists of improving hitting performance, tennis fitness, individual exercises and video analysis of the player.

Tennis fitness and exercises programme

Tennis fitness and exercises programme is designed for the advanced players. The programme will improve player’s speed, strength and mobility. The programme is combined together with high-performance coaching.

Tennis clinic

Tennis clinic is a very popular programme for improving your tennis. Quick weekend courses in small groups. The accent is on stroke development, advanced tennis techniques and tactical drills, with this method there is also a practice of tactics of single's and double's matches.

Play and stay programme

Play and stay ITF programme tennis 10s is designed for children under the age of 10 who are starting to play tennis. There the three different stages of the programme depending on the age of the child: red stage no. 3, orange stage no. 2 and green stage no. 1. This programme is used for group or individual children beginner’s lessons.

Play tennis while on holiday

While staying in Paphos on holiday, you can play or train tennis. Existing programmes will be used for recreative or competitive tennis.

Sparring (hitting) partner

A sparing (hitting) partner is also available. Depending on the age and level of the player you can be connected with some of the competitors or one of the coaches can be your sparring (hitting) partner.

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