Newly renovated Kato Paphos promenade

NEWS Saturday, 11 November, 2023

Newly renovated Kato Paphos promenade

The seaside stretch in Kato Paphos has undergone a magnificent makeover, emerging as a favourite spot for both locals and tourists. The scenic promenade, extending from the Medieval Castle to Kato Paphos harbour, has been reborn as a sparkling gem for the city, unveiled after a €7.5 million transformation.

This 4.2-kilometre-long promenade, now open to the public, isn’t just a walkway; it’s a dazzling addition to the city’s landscape. The recent upgrades, coupled with breathtaking evening illuminations, have turned this waterfront walk into a captivating spectacle.

With an expansive area of 47,000 square meters, the promenade boasts a 4-meter-wide pedestrian path, offering uninterrupted views of the sea. Along the way, visitors can explore various attractions, including squares, seating areas, and viewpoints that provide glimpses of ancient sites and the vast open sea.

Winding its way through environmentally and historically significant zones, the promenade traverses a Natura 2000-protected area.

Beginning at the historic harbour of Kato Paphos and the Medieval Castle, it passes through archaeological wonders like the Kato Paphos site and the Tombs of the Kings, each holding unique historical and archaeological importance.