Cypriot names onboard spacecraft due to land on Mars

NEWS Monday, 26 November, 2018

Cypriot names onboard spacecraft due to land on Mars

983 Cypriots are among the 2.4 million people from almost all countries on earth, whose names are on two microchips on the Nasa spacecraft InSight which is expected to land on Mars today after a six-month trip.

The idea of taking names to the planet serves the purpose of a virtual ‘participation’ in space missions.

In Cyprus, 983 people took advantage of the opportunity and registered their name online.

The ‘passengers’ will receive a ‘boarding pass’ and join the equivalent of a frequent flyer programme. Those who have missed the opportunity to take part will be able to do so in future missions.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the landing of InSight is not going to be easy. It will consist of several stages which are considered complex and difficult.

The last stage is due to commence at 9.40pm Cyprus time.

The aim of the 850 million dollar mission is to study the surface and subsoil of Mars to better understand the history of both Mars and our entire solar system.

Mars is considered to be the most suitable and closest planet for human beings to settle.