A locally produced brand, Natura Honey, has been awarded two gold medals at the prestigious London Honey Awards 2020 for its entries in the category Honey Quality, it was announced on yesterday.

According to the announcement, Natura Honey is produced by Iakovos Korniotis and his family at the village of Kato Drys, Larnaca. Korniotis follows a traditional beekeeping practice, focusing on sustainability and quality standards rather than a high-volume production.

The family has been producing honey since 1965 on their land located within the Natura 2000 reserve.

Along with his wife Elli he created the Bee and Embroidery Museum in Kato Drys, an information centre about the art of beekeeping as well as traditional homesteading and agricultural practices.

After being encouraged by a number of the museum’s guests, Korniotis submitted both of his own production honey, the multiflora and thyme honey at the global event, which is judged by more than 10 international honey experts through a blind taste test. Both entries received a gold medal.

If anyone would like to visit the museum and experience beekeeping, Villa 391365 is within the grounds of the museum.