The city is always changing. People come and go, neighbourhoods are abandoned, businesses open and close, some buildings fall, others are erected. Everything a city holds makes up a part of its culture, history and identity and as life changes and progress, so does the city.

The passing of centuries in Nicosia also meant the changing of cultural and political influences. So, how are these transformations spotted through the centuries and what is the impact of those transformations on the urban development of the city? Leave it up to an archaeologist and tour guide to know and an upcoming tour in English will do exactly that! 

Guide Antigone Michael is once again partnering with the Home for Cooperation for a walking tour that will look at the transformations of Nicosia. Held on Saturday, November 20, the morning tour will include various public and private spaces of the historic core of Nicosia and discuss the diachronic transformation and decisions of changes. 

The walk will start and finish at Home for Cooperation, setting off at 10.30am and will include both sides of the buffer zone, thus ID cards and vaccination documentation or a valid negative test result will be needed for the crossings. For everything else, leave it up to the guide to walk you through the many changing faces of Nicosia.