Vintage Wedding Dresses

WEDDINGS Monday, 07 June, 2021

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage wedding dresses have never gone out of fashion, if anything, they are on the rise. We find time and time again brides are looking for something a little alternative but still keeping in line with a traditional wedding dress.

A Vintage wedding dress doesn't need to mean endless lace with the variety of styles now available, meaning you can still find a luxurious antique lace fabric look without the overkill.  Beading is the main attraction in a vintage wedding dress as linear beadwork and sparkling gems bring to life timeless silhouettes and give a hint of Old Hollywood elegance.

These days with so many options available, it doesn't need to cost the earth and can be found to suit all shapes and sizes. If you are really lucky, you may be able to find an original one-off piece hiding in the back of great Grandmother's wardrobe! or in a vintage clothes collectors shop.

Chic 1950's three-quarter length wedding dresses have also grown more and more in popularity, providing not only an alternative sheer class vintage look and style but something for those looking for a little difference in their choice of wedding gown.