Residents of Cyprus are gearing up for two exciting public holidays in the upcoming weeks, kicking off with Green Monday (Clean Monday) on March 18, 2024.

Green Monday, also known as Clean Monday or Pure Monday, signifies the commencement of the Eastern Orthodox Christian and Eastern Catholic Great Lent. This movable feast falls on the first day of the 7th week before Orthodox Easter Sunday and marks the start of a 40-day fasting period.

Traditionally, Green Monday is a time for joyful family gatherings, as people venture to fields or beaches for picnics. It's a day brimming with entertainment, including games and kite flying, creating a vibrant carnival atmosphere. Both children and adults embrace the opportunity to don costumes and join in fancy dress parties, competitions, and parades.

Following closely is the second public holiday on March 25, 2024, celebrating Greek Independence Day. This holiday holds dual significance, commemorating The Annunciation to the Virgin Mary religiously and honouring the 1821 Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire nationally. In previous years, various historical events, exhibitions, and parades have been organized in several major towns and cities across Cyprus.

Please note that banks and government offices will be closed on both of these dates.

Update: While our focus was on highlighting the March public holidays, it's worth mentioning Cyprus National Day on April 1, 2024, falls on a Monday. With three short working weeks ahead, we hope everyone enjoys these holidays to the fullest.