Two Mediterranean seals were born in the Sea Caves area in Ayia Napa a month ago, Haris Nicolaou, part of the government’s Mediterranean seal conservation group, said on Monday. 

Nicolaou repeated an appeal to the public not to harass the extremely sensitive pups. 

“It is very important that we had two births in the same cave, in Ayia Napa,” he said. “It means, however, that now we have a responsibility to protect them because they chose to breed in one of the most touristic areas of Cyprus.” 

Nicolaou said that because of the popularity of the area, the seals are in danger of being disturbed and leaving the caves, which will affect the pups’ growth.

“Seals are intelligent and wild animals, and we must treat them as such. We mustn’t give them food, they are able to feed themselves without problems.