Lunar eclipse will be visible on January 21

NEWS Monday, 14 January, 2019

1010 Asteroskopeion announced last week that a total lunar eclipse on 21 January will be visible from Cyprus.

The total eclipse will be visible for just a few minutes from the Island as it will happen close to when the moon sets.

The start of the partial eclipse, when the moon is partly covered by the shadow of the earth, is at 5.30am, and the total eclipse begins at 6.41am.

In Cyprus, visibility of the total eclipse ends at 6.59am, when the moon sets in the west.

According to 1010 Asteroskopeion, those wishing to observe the phenomenon should have an unobstructed view to the west. The best views are in the Paphos district near the sea.

The 1010 Asteroskopeion will record the phenomenon with portable equipment from a spot in the Nicosia district with good visibility.