Limassol Zoo

PLACES Friday, 01 February, 2019

Limassol Zoo

Limassol Zoo was inaugurated in 2012 hosting beautiful and interesting animals. The inauguration took place on 1 June 2012 by the Mayor of Limassol. 

Specially designed natural-looking habitats were created for all types of animals residing at the zoo. All species are well taken care of and are given the required attention and love, as well as proper nutrition. Visitors can enjoy a stroll around and have the opportunity to take a close look at the animals in a pleasant environment.  All safety regulations are observed.

In addition to the entertainment offered to the visitors, the Limassol Zoo further participates, along with all the other zoos, in what is a zoo’s main mission, namely the research, protection, reproduction and release into the nature of endangered species. With the creation of a modern educational centre, visitors, especially children and students, are able to benefit from organised educational lectures, guided tours and updates relating to the animals, wildlife and fauna.

By visiting this small modern Zoo, visitors will have the chance to view remarkable, beautiful and interesting animals, birds and reptiles from all continents.

A cafeteria has been specifically created for visitors to relax.  The cafeteria offers unobstructed views to the sea, the greenery of the area and of course the flamingos! The modern playground and children’s corner with mini goats and sheep provide unforgettable moments to all young visitors.