The new terminal of Larnaca Port is expected to be completed by 2027, the Port Director Paris Dimitriou has announced.

He further stated that providing better services and innovative ideas are among the primary goals of Kition Ocean Port, the port management company for Larnaca.

He added that the city has much to offer in the cruise industry.

“The new terminal will be connected to the coastal road leading to Phinikoudes Beach for the convenience of passengers visiting Larnaca,” Mr. Dimitriou said.

According to a statement by Kition Ocean Port, he presented the current and future status of Larnaca Port and Marina at a recent conference organized by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, titled ‘Navigate through the cruise industry.’

“The conference focused on the challenges emerging in the cruise industry and the uncertainty caused by the conflict in Israel, considering the new tourist season and the geopolitical tensions in the wider Mediterranean region,” it added.

Mr. Dimitriou “highlighted the advantages of Larnaca as the starting and ending point for large cruise ships and the experiences that tourists can enjoy during their stay. Among the offerings are excursions and other experiences that tourists can have in the city and the mountainous region of Larnaca, with the collaboration of all relevant authorities.”

At the same time, he “elaborated on the services provided by the port, the history, and culture of Larnaca, emphasizing the significance of offering better services and innovative ideas as our primary goals as the port manager of the city. While cruise tourism may begin and end at the ports, what truly matters is the visitor’s experience during this period,” he said.

He added, “This is precisely what we must explore, by joining forces to support the industry and proactively address the challenges.”

Regarding the new terminal, he mentioned that the modern design will incorporate “advanced technology and innovative infrastructure to accommodate state-of-the-art cruise ships, as well as optimize operations for the smooth disembarkation and embarkation of passengers.”