Kerry & James' Wedding at Villa 487925, Aphrodite Hills

WEDDINGS Saturday, 16 October, 2021

Kerry & James's Wedding

The wedding of Kerry and James Guy took place in sunny Cyprus on 16th October 2021.

Their wedding planner Mandy from The Villa Group arrived at their villa hours before the ceremony time to meet with the catering team and wedding decor team in preparation for the big day. During the build-up to the ceremony, the villa becomes a hive of activity. This is when the Bride will be in her room surrounded by bridesmaids and loved ones, hopefully trying to relax with a glass of champagne while her expert team prepare wedding day arrangements. The Groom is normally still in the pool at this point possibly having a small beer with his own wedding party! But with the wedding planner on-site well before the wedding ceremony takes place, this will provide huge peace of mind that everything is in hand and being taken care of including getting the Groom and Groomsmen out of the pool if necessary!

Our Villa Group wedding planner will arrange that the hair and beauty team are there well before ceremony time to ensure the wedding party and particularly the Bride, look their absolute best. The flowers included in our wedding package or any additional fresh wedding flowers ordered will also be brought along by our wedding planner and delivered personally to the Brides room. The Wedding Photographer will arrive an hour or two before the ceremony time, to begin with, the Bride and Groom Preparation shots. As the Wedding Photographer is provided with the day's itinerary, everybody will be working together as a team, all-knowing who should be where and at what time so that our Bride and Groom do not have to think about it on the day!

If Videography isn't included within a chosen wedding package then this is something that can always be added to our Bride and Grooms arrangments as Wedding Videography captures live treasured memories that may have otherwise been missed on the wedding day. Our wedding planner would normally advise that guests arrive no less than 1hr to 30mins before ceremony time. Many couples like to offer their wedding guests an arrival drink which can be arranged with your wedding planner via our experienced waiting staff. This means that before the ceremony, guests will have the opportunity to mingle before being instructed to be seated for the wedding ceremony just before the official Registrar arrives.

Something that our wedding planner always advises the Bride to do is to allow plenty of time to get into her wedding dress if it ties at the back as this can take up a lot of unexpected time. Ideally, the Bride needs to be in her dress and ready for the wedding ceremony 15 minutes before the ceremony time.

For Kerry and James, it was truly an amazing day of full celebrations. Their wedding day flew by all too quickly for them, before they knew the whole wedding party were all up dancing non-stop throughout the evening, they were very happy to let us know that they had just the best time. Their chosen villa was also the perfect setting for a large party and provided stunningly beautiful gardens for their ceremony setting and wedding photography opportunities.

Let us know if you feel this villa would suit your wedding arrangements so that we can send you availability and prices as soon as possible. Booking in advance for this particular property is essential to avoid disappointment with available dates.

We look forward to hearing from you soon at The Villa Group where we can begin to create your dream wedding day!