Kataklysmos (Festival of the Flood) 

21-24 June 2024

One of the most celebrated festivals in Cyprus is the Festival of the Flood, or Kataklysmos. This event, held in various seaside communities in the southern part of the island, draws inspiration from the biblical flood recounted in the book of Genesis.

Cyprus, with its rich religious tapestry, predominantly follows Greek Orthodox Christianity in the south and Turkish Islam in the north, but the south is particularly known for its vibrant Christian festivities.

Kataklysmos, which means "cataclysm" in Greek, commemorates the great flood of the Old Testament, symbolising a chance to cleanse and renew the earth, ushering in a fresh era for humanity and animals alike. The story of Noah’s Ark, familiar to many, is closely associated with this theme of renewal and rebirth.

The Festival of the Flood is a time when Cypriots come together to showcase arts and crafts, arrange musical performances, and participate in dances and physical activities. Despite the festival’s sombre origins, it is a joyful occasion filled with singing, dancing, and communal feasting.

The festival is a testament to the Cypriot spirit of turning even the most serious themes into occasions for joy and celebration!

During Kataklysmos, you will find people engaging in various displays, setting up festive gatherings, and organising large outdoor events featuring food and drink.

The warmer weather brings communities out in full force, and nowhere is this more evident than in Larnaca and Kato Paphos, two of the major hubs of festival activity. However, you can expect celebrations along any coastline in Cyprus.

Larnaca, in particular, hosts some of the most spectacular festivities. The city’s main promenades come alive with games and celebrations, transforming the streets into vibrant arenas of fun for both tourists and locals. If you plan to visit Larnaca in June, participating in the Flood Festival activities is a must.

For tourists and first-time visitors, the festival offers a unique opportunity to witness traditional dances and performances. These events, held in open-air venues across the island, invite spectators to not only watch but also join in. The inclusive nature of Cypriot celebrations means there are plenty of chances for everyone to get involved and enjoy the cultural festivities.

The Festival of the Flood is one of the most significant events on the Orthodox Christian calendar in Cyprus. It’s a time when the community comes together to put on a fantastic show, making it an event you won’t want to miss.

Whether you are captivated by ancient legends, enticed by a vibrant atmosphere, or tempted by delectable treats, Kataklysmos is a must-see event in Cyprus! Enjoy!