Make your plans for what to do during your holiday in Paphos, Cyprus.

Think no more, for non-stop fun add the Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark to your plans!

The Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark features high-speed water slides, an extensive lazy river, a wave surge pool, lots of swimming areas and a spectacular kids' water-play area, with a food court and beverage areas spread throughout the park.

The park is open every year from April until the end of October. Go to the end of the article to see the opening times.

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark received the “Best of the Best 2022” award by TripAdvisor! This award is the highest recognition and is presented annually to the businesses that are the Best of the Best on TripAdvisor, which received excellent reviews from travellers and are ranked in the top 1% of attractions worldwide.

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark is proud to be ranked 1st in Cyprus, 3rd in Europe and 5th in the world for the Waterpark category and 1st in Cyprus, 12th in Europe and 20th in the world for the Amusement Parks category.

As challenging as the past few years have been, due to Covid, Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark persevered by continuing to fascinate visitors.

This recognition has only been accomplished as a result of hard work, continuous upgrades, super customer service and dedication towards a common goal for all of us – to enable travellers to get the most of their trip. Taking into consideration their guests’ feedback, they aspire to contribute to offering the ultimate travel experience as one of the most highly reviewed places and exciting destinations in Europe.

Getting to the Park

By Bus
If you are coming from Coral Bay or the Tombs of The Kings Road, a regular bus service operates in these areas. Get the 615 bus. If you are coming from the old town area, get on the 610 bus. Then, at the harbour station, take the 611 bus which will take you straight to the waterpark.

By Car
Enter Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark into Google Maps and follow the directions. There is a large car park directly in front of the park which is free to use. Get there early if you want to park in the covered parking bays.


Rides and Slides

Free Fall
This spectacular slide is hair-raising! You drop straight down 50ft vertically. Moving at more than 40km/h you take a heart-racing plunge from the top of the hill back to the bottom within seconds. Feel the wind blowing past your face as you speed down this amazing slide!

Age restrictions apply to this ride, check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

Kamikaze is the must-do slide. Anyone who has a head for heights and loves to get their pulse racing, this is definitely for you!

The kamikaze ride is a prominent feature at the park. The slide is fast and furious and enjoyed by all adrenaline seekers. Climb up to the top of the tower and take a deep breath of air before you hurtle down and over the dips on this high-intensity body-only slide. There are no winners or losers, you will only want to go again!

Age restrictions apply to this ride, check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

High speeds, twists and turns are taken on this adventure slide. Screams can be heard as you twist and curve down the body-only ride.

Minimum height required for this ride. Check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

Super Volcano
The Super Volcano tests your strength and agility. You have to find your footholds and keep a grip whilst the water becomes active over the sides. Endurance is challenged and you are awarded by enjoying a fast slide down to the waters waiting below.

Wet Bubble
The Wet Bubble is an air-filled bouncy balloon. The balloon was created for the young and those adults who are young at heart! You must climb the slippery surface to the top then take a big jump and bounce down into the plunge pool below. This ride guarantees great fun.

Minimum height requirement for this attraction. Check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

Crazy Cone
For 2023 there is the brand-new Cone ride. The ride can be taken singularly or in doubles. You slip down the enclosed tube slide before leaping in the cone and getting pushed up the wall and back to the bottom. You then drift to the centre of another cone in another tube section and then finishing by splashing into the pool.

Age restrictions apply to this ride, check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

Pirate Ship
Family fun to be had at this 40ft pirate ship. The ship has run aground at the children’s pool. This area is the perfect place for some fun by all the members of a group. Children can make their parents “walk the plank” down to the speedy double slide. Parents must watch out for the water cannons!

Children’s Pool
Fun for the younger members of a group. Colourful wheels and jets sprinkle water throughout the play structure. Kids will love this and be kept entertained for a long time. The tipping bucket drops a wave of water every 60 seconds onto the children gathered below. Endless opportunities of fun to be had.

Nautilus Screw
Are you an adventure seeker? If so, this is the ride for you. You plunge down the slide taking twists, turns and several loops along the way before landing in the pool at an intense speed. Warning: only for riders who are willing to venture into an action-packed slide and reach the climax of excitement!

Riders of Nautilus Screw are carefully instructed on how they have to position their bodies on this fast-moving water slide. Height restrictions apply to this ride, check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

Cannon Drop
The newest twin-racing tube ride at the park. Adrenaline pumping slide sending you in a nearly vertical way down an inner-tube ride only to land in one of the largest wave pools in Europe. The ride has two chutes so you can race your friend, side by side to shoot out at high speed into the water.

Age restrictions apply to this ride, check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

The name of this ride says it all; twisting and turning at a speed and sending you down into total darkness from the top of the hill, all the way down to the splash pool at the bottom.

Wave Pool
You will hear the horn blow and you will know that the fun is about to begin … head to the wave pool where it will start to swell and the surf is up.

Wild Water
Get swept away in a flood of water as you go from side to side, curving round and down the winding chute, before being shot into the plunge pool at the bottom.

Minimum height requirements apply to this ride, check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

Lazy River
Time to relax and take a break from those exciting slides, float along the lazy river. All ages can enjoy this calm ride around a river with a gentle current. Find your way gently through the caves, around the children’s pool, under the Tomb of the Kings' waterfall, past the wave pool, pick up speed by the fast river, then float slowly back to the sun loungers.

Aqua Infinity
This is the most thrilling waterslide. Go on the Aqua Infinity and plunge down a tube finding many heart-pumping drops, twists and twirls along the way. The light rays will make you feel as if you are speeding down, while you are swishing and swooshing at such high speed, you will not even know what is waiting around the corner – but that is the fun of it! When you realise what you are really in for, it is already too late! Boosting adrenaline to a whole new level, Aqua Infinity leaves you overwhelmed!

Age restrictions apply to this ride, check the signs at the park or speak with a lifeguard for safety instructions.

The Raging River
Suitable for all except for the youngest of children, this ride can be in a single or double tube. The fast river adventure takes you spinning from side to side as the water gushes you along to the lazy river below.

Family Rafting
Suitable for all ages, a great ride for groups of four family or friends - this giant dinghy (the biggest in Cyprus, and one of the largest in Europe) spins and speeds down the long and winding chute before splashing into the pool below.

Test your balance and coordination on Crossover. Perfect for both children and adults to take a break from the heat of a hot summer day. The activity is thrilling and challenging crossing over a pool on little floatable pebbles. You have to try to make it all the way to the other side without falling in! One wrong step and you will fall into the waters!

Leisure Pool

Fun, relax and come together is what you can experience in the leisure pool. Feel like you are in a tropical paradise with the small jacuzzi and refreshing waterfall in the leisure pool.

Splash around with friends and family or merely float and relax, the leisure pool is perfect for this. The jacuzzi is designed for ultimate relaxation. You can sink into the warm bubbling water and allow your cares to bubble away! Soothe sore muscles or enjoy relaxing times, the jacuzzi is perfect for this.

More information on the park

  • Sunbeds and umbrellas are around the park with over 1,500 available free of charge.
  • For added luxury and comfort, you can secure your own private cabana overlooking the wave pool, whilst enjoying a complimentary, refreshing fruit platter. You can book a cabana at the poolside Wave Bar, and it will cost €25 per cabana (as of July 2023).
  • There are 3 VIP areas available at the park. Enquiries can be made prior to the visit as to booking this area.
  • Professional lifeguards who are trained in first aid, and focused on water-based activities, are present and available throughout the waterpark to ensure your safety.
  • A team of professional photographers are taking pictures throughout the day, to make sure your special memories are captured. You can review the pictures before leaving the waterpark, to the left of the exit, and also purchase them as souvenirs.
  • You can keep your belongings safe in lockers. There is a locker facility available to use, for a maximum dimension of 46 x 34 x 48. Each locker costs €5 (as of July 2023). For items exceeding the total locker’s capacity, such as travel bags, kid’s equipment etc. you can speak to a member of the park’s team at the entrance as to storage.
  • Restrooms and changing rooms are available at the park.
  • There is a fully equipped first aid room, with qualified and trained personnel, always there to ensure safety. The station is located west of the entrance, close to the wave pool.
  • If required, life jackets and armbands are available for purchase in the Souvenir Shop.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at the park.
  • The highest level of fun, safety and water hygiene are guaranteed.
  • There is a souvenir shop with a large selection of branded gifts, including beach towels, t-shirts, caps, mugs and much more, so you can always remember your adventures at Aphrodite Waterpark!
  • Food & Beverages
    You can find a variety of dishes and beverages throughout the waterpark, being able to choose from a fast-food restaurant, Chinese and Thai restaurant, Kosher Corner or at the various kiosks that are found within the park.
  • Smoking is permitted in all open spaces, apart from around the kids’ area of the waterpark.

Here is what visitors had to say so far in 2023

“We purchased the 2-day family ticket and save 50% off the second day along with in-park consumption which saved money also. Kids aged between 4 and 14 along with adults - slides and activities for all ages - no massive queues and no fast-track passes which I think is fabulous. Lots of sunbeds although you don't spend much time sitting.”

“This was my second time with my kids, we really had fun and enjoyed our time, the staff are great and the slides are amazing.”

“Nice, cosy, clean and not big waterpark with interesting slides. Not overcrowded, queues are not long and went quite quick to get in.”

“We were in a short queue which went down fairly quickly to get in. The kid’s areas are great, lots of fun was had by kids. I’m not a scary ride person so I didn’t do any of the big slides, but I really enjoyed the twister and the wild water. There are quite a few stairs to get up for some slides though. There were lots of rings so often found one right away.”

“Family over from Australia booked online no problem. I paid at the gate no problem. Was greeted with a smashing smile at the ticket office and as I entered the gate. The place is amazing we did not stop all day. The preparation of food was excellent and presented well. I am a vegetarian and had a veggie burger, wow taste is out of this world. They have the running of the park down to a WELL DONE. Would recommend this to all.”

“This waterpark is amazing!! Best waterpark I have ever been to!! The slides are so fun and have the adrenaline kick right in!! Definitely worth a visit, would love to go back!!”

“Superb waterpark and very well organised with lovely welcoming staff. Lots to do and an excellent idea with the wristband so you don't need to take a card or cash to pay for things around with you, all valuables are in your locker. Just settle up at the exit.”

“Not the largest of waterparks but far exceeded all our expectations. Absolutely superb for all age groups and virtually no waiting for any attraction/slide. Superbly well organised and really clean. Back in Paphos late October early November and hope still open.”

“It was absolutely lovely. Lots of good features, plenty of activities and places to eat, more than enough sunbeds and plenty of shade to sit in. Queues are relatively quick for rides and food, and the food itself was lovely.”

“One of the best waterparks I've been to. Barely a wait in queues, maybe 5 mins max was the longest I waited. Make sure you have water socks as the floor gets really hot but if you don't, you can buy some there. They’re also good food options at the park.”

“Really enjoyed our day at Paphos water park. There were plenty of sunbeds available, it was very clean, and the water felt clean also (believe me I have been to some with brown water!). A great range of slides for all ages, the wave pool is a little small and I loved the pool with the waterfall which was great for people who aren’t into thrill-seeking. I also loved the wristband idea – you all get a wristband, when you buy anything, it is scanned to your wristband and when you leave it is all added up and you pay on exit. This meant no trips to lockers for cash etc but I wasn’t keen that our daughter could have free reign on hers. Entry was quick, changing rooms were clean and well maintained, there was a good selection of kiosks and attractions, and exit was also quick. Large car park and on a bus route so it was also easy to get to. Overall, I would recommend a day here (or two) and I would go back again.”

“Excellent! Clean, lots of safeguards.”

“Highly recommended! Congratulations to the staff, we spent all day having so much fun.”

“Great waterpark. It was quite small which I actually liked, easy to get around and a great choice of slides for all ages. The staff were friendly, the food was reasonably priced and the waits for slides were not long at all. Good availability of sun loungers and toilet facilities. The only slight issue and this is true of all waterpark / sunny climate areas, is the ground absolutely burns, so definitely an idea to have swim shoes/trainers.”

“We have been coming here for years with a gap due to COVID. They have done lots of work to improve it and was clean and tidy. The pathways had been improved with lots of new rides. The cashless system works extremely well. Always loads of staff and more eateries. Lots of sun beds and we must have enjoyed it as stayed until closing time.”

“Good fun day out. All site clean and safe. Plenty of sunbeds. Staff friendly. Parking free.”

“Plenty of sunbeds to choose from on arrival. As the day goes on the floor gets very hot so either take flip-flops to every area of the park with you or buy some of the new socks from the water park, as many people did when we visited. Very good area for little ones and loads for older children and adults. This was our second visit, and we will definitely go again. Lifeguards are definitely doing their jobs well too and keeping everyone in line!”


At the entrance, as of July 2023, a single adult ticket costs €33, and children’s tickets (under 12 years old) cost €19. Kids under 3 years old can enter the waterpark free of charge. Payments in cash and credit card are accepted.

Remember, you can use The Villa Group loyalty discount by booking online through the park’s website! You will be sent the voucher code by us two months before your arrival.

Contact details

Off Poseidonos Avenue, Kato Paphos
PO Box 61357, 8133 Paphos, Cyprus

Tel: +357 26 913 638
Fax: +357 26 913 639

Opening Hours:
April - June: 10:30 - 17:30
July - August: 10:00 - 18:00
September - October: 10:00 – 17:00

Have fun!