Diver, 95, in bid to set new world record

NEWS Wednesday, 29 August, 2018

On Saturday 1st September more than 40 divers are expected to dive down to the sunken wreck of the Zenobia Ferry in Larnaca. Among those divers will be 95 year old Ray Woolley.  Mr Woolley is attempting to set a new world record as the world’s oldest scuba diver by going down to the sunken wreck.

The dive will see the nonagenarian attempt to reach a depth of around 40 metres and the entire process will be filmed, photographed and documented in line with guidelines approved by Guinness World Records.

Mr Woolley who lives in Limassol already holds the Guinness record title following a similar successful dive on his 94th birthday last year, where he dived to a depth of 38.1 metres for 41 minutes.

It will be known in a few weeks time if he has officially been awarded the title of the world's oldest scuba diver in a few weeks time.