Cyprus Second chance to enjoy supermoon tonight

NEWS Tuesday, 27 April, 2021

Cyprus Second chance to enjoy supermoon tonight

A supermoon or pink moon appeared in Cyprus’ skies on the night between Monday and Tuesday and will also be visible during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the head of the Cyprus Astronomical Society Chrysanthos Fakas.  The moon is now at its closest point to earth for 2021. The moon appears to our eyes to be brighter and bigger.

The moon makes an elliptical orbit around the earth, at an average distance of 384,000 kilometres. Tonight, the distance will be 357,000 kilometres while when it is farthest it is over 400,000 kilometres away.

April’s full moon is also known as the pink moon, but contrary to its name, the moon will not appear pink. Instead, it has been given this nickname because of a pink flower which blooms in April.

The next two supermoons of 2021 will appear on May 26, when it will seem even bigger and it will also coincide with a lunar eclipse, and on June 24.