Many of us at some time or another of our lives entertain the dream of living in a sunny country. Cyprus is often one of the places on this wish list and Cyprus property such as villas or luxury apartments are showcased. 

Cypriot properties are perhaps amongst some of the most fine-looking in the Mediterranean area. The weather certainly contributes to the benefits and there is plenty of weather in Cyprus including more than 320 days of brilliant sunshine every single year. It may sound odd but there is even a winter of sorts from about the middle of December until the beginning of February.

Cyprus long-term property rentals are available furnished and unfurnished and a large percentage of rentals are of the furnished option.

Most people see Cyprus as a quiet place to settle down after retirement, but Cyprus is more than that; it is a Mediterranean island with great cultural heritage and a warm and welcoming place to live.

The country has everything one can look for in property: beauty, elegance and an amazingly low crime rate for a modern world.