As summer draws near, the airports in Cyprus are abuzz with a workforce of over 3,000 employees daily, as revealed in an announcement by Hermes Airports. With the anticipation of a substantial surge, the airports are preparing to accommodate over 5,000 workers, both permanent and seasonal, to cater to the expected influx of more than 8 million passengers from April to October.

Preparations for this busy period have been ongoing for several weeks, with engineers, operators, and other staff diligently working to ensure seamless operations. Construction activities are underway, with designated areas being readied for uninterrupted work, all aimed at optimizing facilities for the summer rush.

Various entities such as ground handling, security, restaurants, and management companies are actively recruiting staff for diverse roles. Candidates selected undergo rigorous training on airport procedures and safety protocols mandated by Civil Aviation, with a strong emphasis on hospitality and passenger service quality.

Hermes Airports, through its Hermes Academy, provides specialized training programs to reinforce these crucial aspects. At Paphos airport, significant progress has been made, including the installation of protective glass in remote gates and upgrades to heating and air conditioning systems.

Development projects are also underway, including a substantial expansion of parking areas at both airports, introducing more than 300 new spaces for public use and covering over 7,000 square meters. High-definition screens will replace existing ones to enhance passenger information, while carpet replacements with locally inspired ceramic tiles at Departures aim to infuse the airport with a touch of local heritage.

Progress is evident in the creation of new waiting areas for distinguished passengers at Larnaca Airport, with two new lounges expected to be completed by the end of May. Renovations have refreshed cafeterias at Paphos airport, while Panopolis at Larnaca airport's arrivals level will offer a variety of coffee and snack options.

Furthermore, the Cyprus Airports’ Food and Beverage (F&B) team is updating cafeteria menus to align with global catering trends, introducing vegan and vegetarian dishes. By 2025, vegetarian options will constitute 30% of menus, reflecting a broader shift towards more inclusive dietary preferences.