Customs & Duty Free Regulations

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Customs & Duty Free Regulations

Customs Formalities and Facilities

All travellers with the exception of crews and transit passengers, ay import the following articles in the quantities specified without payment of import duty.

Origin: All countries

a) Tobacco products:
- cigarettes 200 pcs or
- cigarillos (of maximum weight of 3 grammes each) 100 pcs or
- cigars 50 pcs or
- smoking tobacco 250 grammes

b) Spirits, or liquors of an alcoholic strenght exceeding 22° 1 litre or
- fortified wines, champagne and aperitifs of an alcoholic strength not exceeding 22° 2 litres and
- other wines 2 litres

c) Perfumes one bottle not exceeding 0,6 litres and toilet waters 0,25 litres.

d) Goods of any other description to a total value of £100 (excluding jewellery)

Exemption for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages shall not be granted to travellers under the age of seventeen.

General concessions are not afforded on goods imported for sale or other commercial purposes.


A. According to Cypriot Law, the Importation, Possession and Use of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, is strictly prohibited.

B. The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources wishes to inform all travellers that, in order to protect the agriculture of the country from the danger of the introduction of new pests and diseases, the importation of agricultural products or propagating stock, such as fruit, vegetables, cut-flowers, dry nuts, seeds, bulbs, bulb-wood sticks, cuttings, etc., without the approval of the competent authorities, is prohibited.
According to the Diseases of Plants (Prevention) Law and the Importation of Produce (Control) Orders, the transportation of agricultural products or propagating stock from abroad is prohibited unless a relevant licence has been previously issued by the Director of the Department of Agriculture. Upon their arrival in Cyprus, such products should be declared at the Customs Officers, whereupon they will be kept for phytosanitary inspection by Authorised Agricultural Officers.
Any person contravening the Law and the Orders made under it, is liable, in case he is found guilty, to a fine and / or imprisonment.

C. There is also a number of other articles of which the importation is prohibited or restricted for different reasons such as:
- Fire arms, ammunitions and explosives
- Flick knives, daggers and swords
- Obscene books, photographs, films and articles
- Goods bearing a forged trade mark or false trade description
- Pirated or counterfeit goods (computer programmes, films, video, audio cassettes, CD, etc)
- Animals
- Birds
- Uncooked meat and fish and products thereof, milk and dairy products.

D. According to various Cypriot laws the exportation of certain articles is prohibited or restricted such as:
- Antiquities
- Gold coins

Goods not declared or for which a false declaration is made to customs, are liable to forfeiture and the penalties provided are severe.

Duty-Free Regulations / Shops
a) Larnaka and Pafos International Airports have duty-free shops selling tobacco products, liquors, perfumery, watches, electrical appliances, etc. At Larnaka and Pafos airports, duty free shops selling tobacco products, liquors and perfurmery are also located at the arrivals lounge.

b) At Lemesos Port, there are duty-free shops both inside and outside the port supplying duty-free commodities exclusively to departing passengers by sea.

c) Passengers departing by either air or sea can also purchase and export, without entry on the relevant manifest, duty-free commodities ex-private or general bonded warehouses, operating in all towns provided:

i. the purchase is restricted to two units from each commodity
ii. the CIF value of the unit exceeds C£100,00
iii. an Export Entry (Form C. 41) is produced to the proper Customs officer at the time of departure.

It should be noted that two or more items which normally constitute one unit may be treated as one commodity.

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