Cooler weather set to last through weekend

NEWS Friday, 16 August, 2019

Cooler weather set to last through weekend

Temperatures are 3 to 4C lower than at the beginning of the week, peaking at 37C inland, and are likely to remain at the same levels during the weekend, the met office announced today.

The weather will be mainly clear but in the afternoon today some clouds may form, especially over the mountains.

According to weather portal Kitas there is a 10 per cent chance of rain around Troodos.

On the south and east coasts the highest temperatures are forecast to be around 32C, in other coastal areas 30C and in the higher mountains 27C.

They will drop to 23C at night in Nicosia and 18C in and around Troodos.

The same weather conditions are expected over the weekend and on Monday.