Butterflies to visit Cyprus during annual migration

NEWS Saturday, 23 March, 2019

The Jerusalem Post have reported that the painted lady butterflies have been spotted in Israel.  Israel is the butterflies last stop before passing through Cyprus.  The butterflies pass through Cyprus at the rate of 25,000 per hour, reported by an Israel news channel.

Today, residents of Cyprus have the chance to see the migration. According to philenews, it will be most visible in the areas of Mosfiloti and Kornos.

Common to all continents except Antarctica and South America, painted lady butterflies now fill the sky above Israel from the Negev to the north of the country. The butterflies seen in the Middle East travel from Saudi Arabia to Greece, while the ones seen in North America travel from California to Mexico.

The migration has been noted since antiquity, yet humans have not been able to fully understand what triggers it and how it is performed. It had been observed that when painted lady butterflies are separated from the sun, they can no longer navigate.