Agios Theodoros, Limassol

Agios Theodoros

Discovering Agios Theodoros: An Introduction to Paradise

Agios Theodoros may not be the first name that comes to mind when planning a vacation, but that's precisely what makes it so special. Situated off the beaten path, this destination offers a genuine escape from the ordinary. Picture quaint villages, azure waters, and a sense of tranquility that permeates the air.

The community has an 8.5km coastline with picturesque organized beaches, including the Akakia and Maia beaches and an interesting nature trail ‘To Vrytzi’, which is included in the Natura 2000 nature protected areas network. The 850m long linear trail passes between gorges and caves and was awarded the Green Flag in Cyprus in 2019 at the ‘Green City and Green Community of Cyprus’ Awards in the ‘Sustainable Tourism’ category.

The village is popular for its traditional taverns serving meze and fresh fish and offers more ‘alternative’ accommodation with beach suites, agrotourism establishments and glamping in wooden houses set within its natural environs. It is also known as an ‘Instagrammable’ village of Cyprus thanks to the creation of photo spots, including the window bench at ‘Stephani’ viewpoint and the famous ‘Heart’ directly on the beach.

Notable sights include the restored, traditional olive mill and the community excursion area 'The Village Orchard' where visitors can not only sit under the shade of the citrus trees but also taste the fruit of the orchard, as a gesture of hospitality by the Community Council. Among the ancient monuments of the community is the Venetian Watermill, also known as ‘Hadjiatou Watermill’ and the 15th century chapel of Panagia Astathkiotissa - which is located 1.5km east of the village on a small hill.


Saint Theodoros Church - at the centre of the community, on the top of a small hill, the church is dedicated to Saint Theodoros. The church was built between 1956 and 1970.

Saint Athanasios Pendaschinitis -  The chapel goes back to the 7th century and was built above Saint’s tomb. Its ruins reveal a magnificent temple which unfortunately suffered catastrophic damage from the earthquakes that struck Cyprus.

Agioi Anargiroi Chapel - This stone-built chapel, a donation of Damianos Hajigeorgiou in 1919, is situated in a distance of 3 km from the center of the village.

Panagia Astathkiotissa Chapel - This single-threaded chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary is located on a hill in the east of the village just 1,5 km from the center. 

The Three Holly Children and Prophet Daniel - A recent chapel built in 2004. The memory of the Three Holly Children and Prophet Daniel is commemorated on December 17th every year. It is open daily and is located on the main street just before the beach.

worth visiting

Traditional Olive Mill - There were several mills in the community of Agios Theodoros and one of them belongs to the Turkish Cypriot Ismail Kassianou. This mill was renovated in 2018 by the Community Council and is open daily for visits. In the Traditional Olive Mill, you can
see how oil was produced at the beginning of the 20th century with the millstones, the press, the machines and the gemstones of the time. 

Andreas Euripides (missing since 1974) Gallery - In the gallery you will have the chance to enjoy artworks of the missing hero of our Community, which were painted before the Turkish invasion of 1974. Andreas Euripides was an amateur painter whose work, being a valuable inheritance, is donated to our community.

Stephani View Point - For a spectacular view and unique photos visit the “Stephani” area, a mountain/hill east of the community. A ‘window’ has been placed at the spot so that you can take the best pictures ever. The inscription is, # agiostheodoros

nature trail

Vritzi Nature Trail is definately worth a visit if you love walking. The natural environment of the village is unique, with stunningly beautiful landscapes. A large area is part of the “Natura 2000”, the nature conservation network. You can admire the magic of natural surroundings by walking the nature trail, located in the Vritzi area, (on the road to the coastal area, 4 km from the village). The canyon, the caves and the intense geological relief give a mysterious character and leave the visitor with unique images. 

The Nature Trail “Vrytzi” and the Community Picnic Area “ The Orchard of the Village” have been awarded a Green Flag at the “Green City and Green Community of Cyprus” Nationwide Awards 2019, in the category “Sustainable Tourism”. It is worth noting that our Community became the first Community in the Province of Larnaca to be awarded a Green Flag.


Maia Beach - Provides all the comforts: sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets, showers and other amenities. It offers snacks, sandwiches and
various cool drinks. The beach has shallow waters created by the small rocky bay and thus is ideal for families. You can also do canoeing / kayaking and yoga classes.

Akakia Beach - Provides all the comforts: sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets, showers and other amenities. The combination of wood and mat with the blue of the sea blends harmoniously, making the spot look exotic.


Taverna Kali Eftixia - cosy taverna in the village serving traditional meze. Telephone +357 24322690

Paliomouxtaros - traditional tavern with contemporary elements. Telephone +357 24323323

Taverna Mama "To Basano" - traditional taverna. Telephone +357 24323022

Limni Fish Tavern - delicious fish and seafood dishes are served. It has an organised beach with sunbeds, where you can enjoy your drink
or coffee while diving and then taste the unique and special flavors of its servings. It is located on the coastal front. Telephone +357 24440101

Landa Fish Tavern -  You can taste delicious fish appetizers with many kinds of fish and seafood and other fine dishes, enjoying the unique
view of the endless blue of the sea. It is located on the coastal front. Telephone +357 24440002.

Mamas Fish Tavern - It is located on the main coastal road, literally on the sea, offering fresh fish straight from the boat and delicious seafood. You can visit “Mamas” and enjoy your food by the sea all year round. Telephone +357 99668896.

Pentaschoinos - It serves high quality fresh fish appetizers (fish and seafood). It is located on the main coastal
road and during the summer season offers to its customers umbrellas and sunbeds for swimming and sunbathing. Enjoy your ouzo accompanied by fine seafood delicacies. Telephone +357 24440044.


For a stay in the area car hire is necessary. The Villa Group can assist with organising car hire, view Extras 


Paphos International Airport 105 km

Larnaca International Airport 30 km

Larnaca 28 km

Limassol 45 km

Paphos 110 km

Conclusion: Agios Theodoros Awaits Your Discovery

In conclusion, Agios Theodoros is not just a destination; it's an adventure waiting to unfold. From historic landmarks to thrilling outdoor activities, this hidden paradise offers something for every traveler. So, pack your bags, embrace the unknown, and let Agios Theodoros be your next unforgettable adventure.