Weddings FAQ

Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions about getting married in Cyprus. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, then please contact us.

Please keep in mind the packages are not designed in such a way that each service and item can be itemised. However if there is a particular item you do not require within your chosen package we are happy to offer a deduction on the package cost in the hope of providing flexibility within your chosen package.
Within our packages we offer either a one or two tier sponge, round or square white icing wedding cake. You are welcome to bring along your own personalise cake topper or décor to add to the cake if required. We can also provide the services of our specialist cake designer for a more elaborate type of designed wedding cake or specific requirements. In such cases we will offer a deduction on the cost of your chosen package that includes a wedding cake which can then go towards the cost of your specialist cake.
We can offer two choices, firstly our standard filming of approximately 2hrs includes filming as guests gather for the ceremony, during and following the ceremony to shoot group shots, individual Bride and Groom moments and possible cake cutting opportunities. This particular filming is also included in our Platinum package and is a real keep sake for our couples or possibly family members that are unable to attend the wedding ceremony. The final product will be an approximate 30 minutes of edited film. This does not include Speeches. Additional filming can be arranged at an additional hourly cost if required. The film will be completed 6-8 weeks following the wedding.Alternatively you may wish to arrange the services of our Cinematic DVD company that incorporates all day filming and would also include the first dance and clips of speeches made. Cinematic filming is of exceptional high quality and more a work of art than a standard wedding DVD, it is for those who are willing to pay that bit more for this particular service. Again the final product will also be edited to include the best highlights and moments of the day. Cinematic services must be booked well in advance as the company we recommend arranges only one wedding per day.
If you wish to arrange a wedding reception meal at your villa we strongly suggest choosing one of our wedding packages that includes this service or adding on the use of catering services to your arrangements to assist you as all the equipment such as tables and chairs for the ceremony and reception as these are provided by our catering team. Alternatively you are free to use any BBQ facilities where applicable at a chosen villa and utilize any of the tables and chairs provided within the villa keeping in mind whatever equipment such as chairs or cutlery/crockery is available will be to meet the capacity of which the number of guests able to sleep at the villa is officially meant for. However up to yet all of our couples who have required a reception meal have made the arrangements with the use of our catering services which are either included within a chosen package or added to arrangements such as our Bronze package at an additional cost per person therefore providing any additional equipment required for set up.
We are happy to provide an alternative upgrade cost if a specialist or unusual type of flower is preferred. We can also arrange any additional flower requirements for the wedding party.
Yes we can certainly arrange this. Our catering team will bring your chosen meal in professional specialised containers to keep the meal fresh along with all the required equipment for your ceremony and reception approximately 1.30hr before ceremony time, depending on the size of the wedding party. We suggest meal time to begin 1hr – 1hr-15minutes following the ceremony to ensure the meal is received in tip top condition. Should you require your meal time later than the recommended time frame for serving we can arrange for a second team of caterers to deliver your meal at any chosen time for an additional cost.
Included in our wedding packages (all but the Bronze package where no catering is included) is the clearance of all equipment used and provided by the catering team. Therefore any cutlery, plates and dishes for example that have been used and belong to the catering company will be cleared away and removed from the premises by the catering team. They will take all their equipment with them once clearance is made of the reception/ceremony area. The caterers will see when it is an appropriate time following the meal to begin clearing away utensils and all equipment, this is noramlly and hour or two folowing the meal being consumed, once guests begin to mingle and enter into party atmosphere!
This can be arranged at an additional cost of £275.00 for the catering team to return the following day to clear away all equipment.
Yes, you can pre order your drinks with us. We can provide bottles of Champagne such as Moet & Chandon and Vevue Cliquecot along with an extensive range of sprits, beers and soft drinks, all at wholesale prices. Orders can be placed on line at and everything will be delivered to your villa, just before your arrival. Alternatively if you wish to purchase your own beverages following your arrival your wedding planner will point you in the right direction for a local supermarket on the morning you meet with your wedding planner to go the town hall to hand in your documents.
Yes, we certainly can. We can arrange this with our catering team OR alternatively a company that specializes in just this service depending on the level and type of bar service you will require!. Please note that one waiter is included in all of our wedding packages (that include catering) to help serve drinks during the meal, however should you require an additional waiter to specifically provide a bar service then this can be arranged upon request, at an additional cost.
No untouched food is ever thrown away or returned to our the catering team, in our experience the caterers provide more than enough food and there is likely to be food left over from the meal. The catering team will use utensils from the villa to place the remaining food and either set this out in the kitchen or an appropriate area for guests to help themselves throughout the rest of the evening should they begin to feel peckish!
The minimum number of guests required when using our usual catering services is 20 guests and if your party will be for less than 20 guests, no refund will be made. With regards to our Gold OR Platinum Package “Up To” 30 or “Up To” 40 guests will be catered for.
No problem at all to add on additional guests, the additional cost per person above what is included within your chosen package will be dependent on Menu Choice which will be provided at the beginning of your enquiry as you may also choose to “Upgrade” the Menu that is included within your package. With regards to children who are accounted for as additional cost guests 4yrs-12yrs are half price.
The menus our caterers' supply are carefully thought through and designed in such a way as to cater for all guests so there is something for everyone. However, changes or swapping items on the menus will most always incur additional costs. Should you have a particular item/s you wish to add to your chosen menu we will confirm with our caterers if the item is doable and what the additional cost would be based on the amount and food type required to help you further your decision with regards to any menu change.
Should you expect 15 or less guests but still require catering services you are still welcome to choose one of our packages or enquire with our office for our “In Villa Catering Services” where an alternative catering service may be provided for smaller groups.
Yes this is no problem at all should you decide not to hold your ceremony at the villa we are still happy to offer alternative wedding venues if preferred and a Wedding Arrangement Fee will be in place of one of our usual wedding packages although you would be free to add on any additional services required such as photography to the Wedding Arrangement Fee Service. However, when wishing to marry at a Villa Group villa we can offer and provide your preferred wedding package option.
Yes, you may pay by credit card or by bank transfer in Sterling.
This is dependent on how soon or how far in advance your wedding date is booked for. Rule of thumb is following the initial wedding deposit has been received to secure the booking 30% of the remaining balance is required to be paid in a further 6 months following your wedding booking. Depending on how far in advance your wedding date is booked a further 30% may also be required before the final remaining balance is due which is to be settled a full 2 months before the wedding date. Your wedding planner will confirm required payment plan at the time of booking based on chosen wedding date/year and remind you of the payment dates in due course.
This is always paid direct to the municipality in Euros Cash or by Credit Card in resort. Your wedding planner will be escorting you to the appropriate municipality to make this payment. This payment is in addition to your chosen package.
Fortunately in Cyprus we are blessed with glorious sunny days nearly all summer however occasionally we can experience bad weather. Obviously this is something completely out of our control. Within reason will endeavor to change the time of the ceremony on the day of the wedding wherever possible and wherever feasible for all suppliers concerned but should the wedding be cancelled on the day of the wedding due to bad weather conditions, no refund is made. It is therefore recommended that you take out suitable travel insurance to cover the wedding.
Your wedding planner will officially contact you 3 months before your wedding date to inform you of the required documentation which is dependent on personal circumstances such as a single, divorced, widowed/widower status. The affidavits that must be provided cannot be prepared before 3 months of your wedding date. When the time comes your wedding planner will provide you an example of the affidavits required (Based on providing affidavits for British Passport Holders) for both the Bride and Groom to be.
Two witnesses are necessary from the age of 18yrs or over. If you are unable to provide witnesses they will be provided for you in the form of your wedding planner and official from the municipality at no extra charge.
We can indeed, for large or small parties we can arrange airport transfer for you which can make life much easier if you particularly if you are arriving in the evening and do not know where the villa is!! Just let us know the number of guests that require a transfer and your flight details, we will take care of the rest.
Rest assured that your Cyprus wedding is completely legal and recognised by UK law.
Yes. As soon as we receive written confirmation from you that you wish to proceed and advise us of your required date and time we will register your names with the relevant venue/municipality, we will then book and confirm your wedding date and time and advise you accordingly.
Yes. Whether you choose a Civil, Anglican or Catholic service, all ceremonies are conducted in English.
The Villa Group™ has many years’ experience of liaising with wedding suppliers and we use only those who are professional and offer value for money. However, as we are not directly associated with any supplier you may, of course, use an alternative if you prefer. Please note though that The villa Group™ cannot be held responsible for any poor service standards received from a supplier of goods or services not included on our approved suppliers list.
The final edited photos are usually ready after 7-10 days.