Croatia is situated at the crossroads of Central Europe, Balkans, and the Mediterranean. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb.  Our Villas allow you to experience the beauty of Croatia and spend your holidays enjoying the crystal blue sea, the climate, historical towns and untouched nature.

Croatia being one of Europe’s most fashionable places to visit.  Development continues apace along the more commercialised stretches of the coast, Croatian tourism has spun off in a number of positive directions for all with the range and quality of what the country has to offer increasing.

Croatia can be divided into three climatic regions. In the north are the Pannonian Plains, lowlands with a continental climate of cold winters and hot summers. Central Croatia consists of the mountainous Dinara Region, which is covered with large forests and has an alpine climate. The Adriatic coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate of cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.

Croatian is the official language of Croatia, although English is widely spoken. The official currency is the Croatian Kuna.

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